Color Options

Standard commercial-grade powder-coat color options for ClearView™ units & matching nylon parts include*:

Color Options

If your door frame has a natural wood grain finish, ClearView™ has the perfect solution. Instead of using a veneer that can peel over time, ClearView™ utilizes a unique wood grain powder-coat technique to provide the look of real wood. That’s right…powder-coat!

Additional custom colors available upon request.

*Since computer systems and browsers depict colors differently, the colors provided here will only be approximations. True color swatches will be shown at the time of the detailed measurements.

Screen Mesh Options

Door Types Your Door height Maximum Opening Width**
Single Doorway or
Sliding Patio Door
72″ to 98″ High 48″
Single Doorway or
Sliding Patio Door
98″ to 110″ High 48″
In or Outswing
French Doors
Double Door Sets*
72″ to 110″ 96″
Window Opening 24″ to 60″ Pull Length Up to 72″

* Double Door Sets Consist of Two (2) Doors
** Openings Greater Than 48″ Wide Must Use Two Units

If your door or window size is not listed, wel can make custom-built housings and frames for any dimension. Contact us for more information.