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ClearView™…the door that doesn’t SNAP back.


Arizona ClearView is proud to be the Arizona Distributor for ClearView™ Retractable Screen Systems.  Let the cool breezes in while keeping the flying critters out.  ClearView™ Retractable Screen Doors are there when you need them…gone when you don’t.  And, it’s the door that doesn’t SNAP back.

Clear View Retractable Screen

ClearView™ Retractable Screens fit almost any household doorway.  Inswinging or outswinging single doorways, double French doorways, or sliding patio doorways can easily be fit to provide the perfect contemporary look you are sure to enjoy.  All doors can be modified for either left or right side entry.

Our quality features include:

  • ClearView’s™ exclusive, patented Safe-Glide Speed Reducer ensures a soft, smooth retracting motion, not sharp & snapping like other brands, and sets ClearView™ a step above the rest.
  • Quality extruded aluminum parts are powder-coated, not just baked-on enamel, with 11 popular colors to choose from.
  • Screen housing completely encases the screen roll unlike other brands that provide only a U-channel over the screen roll.  This helps protect against debris collection that can clog the unit.
  • Ergonomic, color-matching nylon handles won’t deteriorate like plastic does.
  • Sealed internal silicone-filled cylinder for retracting. There are no gears that can wear out which can affect the unit’s ease of use.
  • All units are custom made specifically for each doorway.
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty on the mechanics of the unit…including the Safe-Glide Speed Reducer (screen excluded)

The video below is a demonstration and testimonial from a satisfied ClearView customer.

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Please note that retractable screen systems are not designed or intended to provide security for, or retain persons, animals or objects either in or out of your home.